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Works of French painter Toulouse-Lautrec

I Love this painter's works --

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (24 November 1864 – 9 September 1901) was a French painter, printmaker, draughtsman, and illustrator, whose immersion in the colourful and theatrical life of Paris in the late 1800s yielded a collection of exciting, elegant and provocative images of the modern and sometimes decadent life of those times. Toulouse-Lautrec is known along with Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Gauguin as one of the greatest painters of the Post-Impressionist period.

At the age of 13, Henri fractured his right thigh bone, and at 14, the left. The breaks did not heal properly. After that, his legs ceased to grow, so that as an adult he was only 1.54 m (5 ft 1 in) tall, having developed an adult-sized torso, while retaining his child-sized legs, which were 0.70 m (27.5 in) long.

Deprived of the physical life that a normal body would have permitted, Toulouse-Lautrec lived completely for his art. He dwelt in the Montmartre section of Paris, the center of the cabaret entertainment and bohemian life that he loved to depict in his work. Dance halls and nightclubs, racetracks, prostitutes - all these were memorialized on canvas or made into lithographs. (Source: Wikipedia)

Following are the pieces of works I love the most:

Study of a Nude, 1882

Bouquet of Violets in a Vase, 1882

                                             At Montrouge (Rosa la Rouge), 1886-1887

A l Elysee Montmartre, 1888

At the Cirque Fernando Rider on a White Horse, 1888

Study of a Dancer, 1888

The Goulue and Valentin, The Boneless One, 1891

In bed the kiss, 1892

Jane Avril Dancing, 1891-1892

Two Half Naked Women Seen from Behind in the Rue des Moulins Brothel, 1894

Yvette Guibert singing, 1894

Booth of La Goulue at the Foire du Trone (Dance at the Moulin Rouge), 1895

Marcelle Lender Dancing in the Bolero in Chilperic, 1895

The clownesse Cha u Kao at the Moulin Rouge, 1895

Two Friends, 1895

Alone (Elles), 1896

Woman at Her Toil, 1896

Woman at Her Toilette them, Washing Herself, 1896

Crouching Woman with Red Hair, 1897

Nude Standing before a Mirror, 1897

Dinner at the House of M. and Mme. Nathanson, 1898

Poupoule in chemise by her bed

The Medical Inspection

Woman Putting on Her Stocking                                  

Portrait of Van Gogh and himself:

Portrait of Vincent van Gogh, 1887

Self-Portrait. Caricature, 1885

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