Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Satyamev Jayate: 6th May 2012 (with English subtitles)


"Daughters Are Precious: Female Foeticide. Large-scale killing of girls before birth has led to a serious gender imbalance in the Indian population, and severe social problems as a result."


Surviving from the 8 and half month pregnancy
was my first achievement in life
as a female

Then sexual harassment at age 8
even family never let us grow long hair

Then age 13
a month
which changed my personality and my life

Recovered fully in France, 9 years later, age 22
but almost kept on going in a different direction

Compared to a lot of women
it was all just a scratch

I seldom desire any more achievement in life
surviving is far enough

Just wish
at the day upon my death
I won't question god why he born me as a female


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