Sunday, November 25, 2012

令我恐惧惊慌的《Life of Pi》

昨晚去看了《Life of Pi》,同去的朋友显然都没懂,把影片当成冒险片来欣赏,试图和Raj讨论,他也回答不上我的问题。从来没有一部电影我看不懂,这是第一部。找了原著的介绍看,发现电影与原著的深度不相上下,连夜看了一些影评和书评,可我还是无法将所有的环节串联起来,无法明白那些细节。








Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My miserable Indian visa applications (follow up 2)

Consul of Indian Embassy in SF Mr. Jha just called me... asked me if I wanted Entry Visa or Tourist visa, Entry Visa "will take time", so I "might not get it before my departure to India"....While talking he said he was holding my passport and found my pervious Indian visa was not an Entry Visa. But I just dug the scan version, it's clearly a X type.

One year back because of the PIO issue, I spoke up confronting the Ambassador of India to America Mrs. Rao at her visit in Berkeley, at that time Mr. Jha promised me to have a meeting with me but it didn't happen...

I have no idea how bureaucracy works, but if we could successfully meet Mr. Jha in the coming year and discuss about my visa issue, it might save us a lot of time on filing RITs and all sorts of internet stuff, it might...

PS: my blog entry about that meeting one year back:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My miserable Indian visa applications (follow up)

One year back when we first got to know that Chinese passport holders, along with Pakistani, Afghanistan and 4 other countries, are not eligible to apply for Indian PIO, which are granted for Indian origins and spouses of Indian citizens, we were shocked and angry. Then we tried to apply for Entry Visa, spent 300 dollars for a 5 years' Entry Visa but got a 3 months single.

After 2 times visiting the SF office, we got to know I am not even eligible to apply for Indian Entry Visa this time, even I have 2 Entry Visas in my passport. "Sorry, the embassy has no comment on this", I am only eligible for a tourist visa instead (hopefully will get it).

As Raj said, after 3, 4 years' struggle and tons of drama, we eventually broke the "glass ceiling" of our society -- my Chinese family and Raj's Indian family finally accepted us with no tears but love. However the "glass ceiling" of governments, their insecurity and bureaucracy, is it possible to be broken one day in the near future? It's absolutely not fun to hit the ceiling once every months.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My miserable Indian visa applications

My Indian visa application again had some problem, nobody replied back to clarify, even I already had so many Indian visas (although each time was a pain).

I am always angry at this issue, It's not about the visa itself, it's about acceptance.

Seeing what is happening in US, how people are fighting to truly embrace the diversity, to become more tolerant to differences, I wish one day India will embrace me, the wife of an Indian citizen, with easy visas...