Friday, May 25, 2012

India & China on dowry/women inequality

‎"India and China are both male-dominated societies (so are most of societies actually). True that in many places in China the male's family gives betrothal gifts to the female's, but in essence, behind both betrothal gifts and dowry, the female is seen as an object being traded between two paternal families.

The only differences are whether her value is set and made explicit by her own family or the male's, and of course, materially, whether it is the female's or the male's family that gains material goods in the transaction."

 -- Quote from Angela about the similarity and difference between India and China on the issue of dowry and women inequality. What brilliant thoughts !!

An Episode which should be able to make you go mad, if you have a bit sympathy on women, OR, you've been walked through similar situations and tried your whole life to forget.

One thing I couldn't understand: why the female in-laws -- mother in-laws, sister in-laws, the women who themselves suffered, instead of giving a helping hand, turning to be the most cruel ones on other women??

Satyameva Jayate Episode 3 (English Subtitle) 

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