Friday, April 22, 2016

Under the moon

I open the curtains
a bright moon comes into our window

We lie head to head in the moonlight
You point to the moon "Muuun"
An airplane pass by, you shout "Wee Jee"

Mama sings "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
      you stand up, jump around and follow "EE-Ah-EE-Ah-YOOO"

Mama sings "Row Row Row Your Boat"
      you are still jumping, and follow "Mer Mer Mer..."

Mama sings "When You Happy and You Know It"
      you stand there, look at mama, smile like an angel and start to clap your hands


Finally mama starts "Moon.... River...."
      you stop jumping, settle down, and follow "Why..."
This is our lullaby
Mama has been singing you this song to sleep even before your birth

When the song ends, you get up again, come to mama's face
On mama's lips, you put your lips down
A big wet kiss
Then you lie down back, tuckle yourself in

Mama has never had such a beautiful kiss before
You are the most precious lover in her life

--- For my one and half year old Shiv


  1. This is so beautiful. I could picture you and Shiv singing, dancing, clapping, and kissing. It made me feel as if I was there with you guys <3 <3.

    Thanks for all the pictures, posts, and videos Bhabhi. Because of you I feel I have not really missed watching Shiv growing into a handsome boy.

    Lots of love.