Sunday, April 4, 2010

Colorful life - the Holi in bay area and Santa Crutz trip :)

Besides lying on the sunny beach, dancing with crazy Indian people, surfing the internet from our cozy apartment (with a heater while it's windy outside) is also a luxury in my life, especially when my reading and editing preference is having effect on some readers.

Everything has its own price, for me, doing the things I like or being with the people I love has its highest price than other things in my life. I have seen a lot of giving-ups, it's called "being practical or realistic". I seem like driving my life train in an opposite direction, never tasted the so-called success as being in strong financial position or strong social position (like my finance department peers back in Xiamen U). But the surprising thing is, I am feeling good (if not moody). Maybe after all we are just human beings, the happiness mainly comes from the things which touch your heart, such as the things you like to do or the people you love.

I never know the taste of success after giving up the man I love, but right now I am feeling the happiness of being with the man I love, and because of the choice, now I have the chance to make my own career out of the things I truly like to do. See, I am redefining the word "success" in my own way no matter what the society told me.

Maybe sometimes most of the people are blind, but the majority keeps accusing the sober ones to make them feel that they are wrong, you never know...

The only truth is: you have to be tough and have faith in yourself !

I am grateful for the people who encouraged me, there are not many and I will remember them one by one, one sentence by one sentence. It's also kinda like building up a psychological community myself, I will tag this community as "sober", adjust the definition through experience and time, and use it as a lighthouse for my life journey in the sea.

But you know, I am also very happy to be around with different people even the ones who disagree, they are also the colors of my life :)

Talking about color, it's Holi time!!!

Spring break we went to Standford for Holi. Standford's Holi is the biggest Holi celebration also one of the biggest Indian affairs in bay area, thousands came, well organized and Indian family involved, guess there are just too many Indians living around Standford and Silicon Valley. Here are some pictures:

My first Holi !!!
seeeee... evidence !!!!!
see the horrible horrible couple...
Bros in Standford: Nishank and Madhur!!!
Me being colored !! :D
As Raj says: the two people change the world. (changed and will change hopefully:)
yoooo Standford bros :)
See the crazy Indians ....!!!
This is where we got the colors :)
The crazy Indian guys jumped into the freezing Standford fountain after dancing with colors... :) Indians are crazy, I LOVE them :)

Also we went to the Berkeley Holi yesterday. Berkeley Holi was very nice as well, more of a student's affair, less people due to the limited space but more awesome dances. As you can see, Holi everywhere !!! :) Here are some pictures:

See Raj and crazy Sravan :)
That is me riding on Raj's neck!!! :D
Raj --> traditional Indian dancer
That was before we were colored :)

People getting high :)
Berkeley bro Debu Da is carrying his friend... :)

And during the spring break Raj drove me to Santa Crutz !!

After 6 hour beginner's training, Raj decided to drive me to Santa Cruz beaches for a one day trip, also a part of his driving practice to get a license. I haven't checked how the road would be, when we arrived at Pacific Highway 1, I got totally scared...

see the beautiful views.....
this is when we crash into the flowers

The fact is even experienced drivers would be very careful when they drive on Pacific Highway 1, no need to mention Raj, who had never drove any car before. He did a lot of "too much right", "too middle", "too sudden stop" for the first half an hour, severe enough to make me start screaming.....and then, I suddenly found out what "the most beautiful highway" really is.....

The world's most ridiculous couple in the world's most shockingly beautiful highway....

After all, Raj is a very talented driver so that we didn't crash into the Pacific, just got horned by loads of cars. And of course after my non-stop Chinglish shouting of "slow down", "too sudden turns","more steady", Raj figured out that he should adjust his vision a little bit further...

So somehow we arrived, saw the hidden beach, got tanned and had some fun :P And on the way back home, Raj already became an experienced driver who doesn't need my shout...

So people, Enjoy Your Life !!!!! :D


  1. Good Blog babes .. your writing is so beautiful ..

  2. hey...looks like you guys are having a lot of fun :)
    keep up the good work....n do keep us in india updated :D

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  4. WOWIIIEEEEE.........the pics r beautiful..... :D

  5. Heyyy Angela, I am soooooo happy to see your comment !!!!
    And Indian guys are pretty hot uuh? :D
    I wish we could form some community or sth, meet once a while or travel together, maybe we will meet in India somewhere :D
    I will keep things posted, if you have any idea just leave a comment or send me an e-mail:
    I really want to meet you guys in person hehehhe :)
    The time Raj and I together is almost 2 years, a bit less than you guys, so you met first.. hehehhe :)
    Wish you everything the best and enjoy the life in US and India and China !!! :)
    btw Raj is going to visit China this summer !! I will keep things posted :D

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  7. I love your pictures on the side :)