Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Earth Day

I wrote something in Chinese this morning, not as happy as what I always write in English.

It's just that I'm a very moody and fluctuated girl, sometimes extremely pessimistic, sometimes extremely optimistic, when I'm sad, I'm extremely sad, when I'm high, I'm extremely high, when I'm hungry, I eat extremely large amount of food. In short, all the animal emotions are having their extreme terms in me.

So guys don't worry about me, I'm a tough angry crazy Chinese young lady who has very strong arms and legs, and trying to grow a strong heart too... :) And thank you so much (Angela) for your special support !!! I love ya :)

Today is the Earth Day, Raj and I don't celebrate it, because we live in Earth Day almost everyday. We don't have a car, we use man force transportation - bicycle and feet; I scold Raj very hard for leaving lights or water not switched off immediately after usage; we don't use too much heater if it's not truly necessary (also for the bills); and we don't eat beef and pork, only chicken once a week maximum; we never take unnecessary medicine like vitamin ABCDE or fish oil. The only thing is we travel by flight quite often since right now both of us live in a foreign country.

So my friends, please don't just celebrate the Earth Day for 24 hours and forget about it for the other 364 days, the life style of Americans is not sustainable for the planet, and now the Chinese and the other developing countries' people are following up in a even worse pace. Be tough for yourselves and always be aware that maybe our mother earth is reaching her limit, if our generation don't change the trend, things could be out of control.

Ok, I am going to enjoy my orange we bought in Whole Food for $0.49/lb...I love orange so much that at least I would eat 3 oranges at the same time...


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