Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First English blog

Yes my English sucks.

But I have to try.

Raj always encourages(scolds) me, saying the best way to improve is to write, since I really like writing (in Chinese).

Today saw Chinu's blog which recorded a small but touching story happened in her medical college, to be honest I am infected, I have to join you guys, Chinu, Abhay, KGP guys...

hmmm of course we have stories, tons of them, only thinking of using this spot to expose some takla's brutal behavior makes me happy :P

Raj and I are together for...1 year 7 months and 9 days...lol that is not short ! But it still feels like we are in the relationship honeymoon (basically the first 2-6 months of a relationship) all the time...I hope this is not too wired for normal couples.

Now he is shouting at his reading assignment from geo department, social geography courses seem like really driving him crazy...non art guy...if it was me I definitely would enjoy the theories (except the English-reading-speed part) and the talks with social geo people...they are the hardliner protesters, even start to make a study group out of the recent protests...respect !!

Protest, hmm, when I arrived at Berkeley, I started to know what protest really is, just like when I got out of China, I started to see a true China, when I met this Indian guy, I started to know about some facts about India. Lol, my education... no complaining tonight, today is some Indian education festival.

Writing makes me happy, just like reading funny Chinese articles makes me happy.

By the way I start to learn Hindi now, every language is a beautiful language if your motivation of learning it is beautiful (I guess people say French is beautiful is mainly due to the sexy and wild French girls). Hope I could successfully capture the right accent of Hindi and making jokes with my dear Indian friends :)

The sad thing is, I guess I am not beautiful enough to make Raj feel that Chinese is beautiful, he always has this learning bias while learning Chinese, saying language is not his cup of tea, so guys, you have to give him pressure, otherwise how can he communicate with my parents... :|

Ok, first English blog in this place, wish I can keep on doing this and tell you guys all the funny stories happening in our life...except...when I am in China there is no access to blogger.com, and no access to docs.google, and youtube.com, and facebook.com and and and...anyways, this is normal, my country, a door-shouting-down fan...let's just wait and see what will happen this time.

Raj is shouting at his reading assignment in Hindi !! God I have to remember this sentence and use it in the future ..

Good night ^.^


  1. Haha .. nice one babes !! :)

    I like it ..

  2. wow..... momo,i liked it.
    yeah, i know his behaviour.....he shouts a lot .but now i miss dat....
    hey,u tell him dat if he'll not learn chineese, u'll not learn hindi.
    hindi s quite simple..n u r very intelligent.so, no worries sweety.

  3. hehe...nice one.
    don't worry,i'll help u make him learn chinese..just tell me how. :P

    u'll b surprised by the no of ppl who remember raj for his shouting. :D

  4. good wrk momo.....dnt worry v both gals will tell ya bout hindi....n yeah bro shouts lyk hell...bt i love it n yeah di m missn it too...bro luv u a lot...a lot mre than wht u cn imagine.... n sis u r lyk my angel....omg m gettn emotionl(sob sob).....n momo u r really sweet( :x )....jst keep this Indian guy on track...

  5. naice blog. u write pretty well :)
    and didnt know tht youtube was blocked in China :O pity.
    yeah the whole hall seems kinda silent after "takla" has left. it is as if God turned down the volume of KGP :P

  6. beginner's try was awesome!
    hope "takla" is up to his crowy shouting best at Berkeley!

    we do try to keep the volume of BTW up to mark... but some how some levels and benchmarks remain unattainable! :P

  7. really nice try Momo....keep it up.....[:)]
    I hv known Raj since he was in kindergarden n his doll-like sisters dint even knw how to talk.....
    As far as i knw Raj, he never gives in to pressure....but i guess time has come when he shud surrender to ur love n seriously learn some Chinese...[Raj, c'mon......show some spirit here...!!]
    keep up the good work
    luv n blessings
    Soma Di

  8. nice blog...
    ur english doesnt suck to begin with....nd hindi is definitely ur cup of tea....
    he ll learn chinese for sure...strtd it way back..i hope shud have made some headway...else u give him a final crash course when its time to meet ur parents... ;)

    PS:a really nice topic to write ur frst eng blog...u see people...hv a gift :)
    Love u both...
    cya soon...

  9. :D hello you! enjoyed your blog. I have thought of doing the same for quite some time now but never manage to :P. hope you are having a great time and see you two soon.

  10. hey momo... awesome blog :D and force raju more ... otherwise the takla wont do it. always in peace. and yeah kgp's volume has gone down after raju left :) hope u can handle the crow shouting better :)
    cya soon guys