Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blue morning

You belong to me - Jason Wade version


The heater is broken this morning, Amando is trying to fix it now. Raj and I were woken up by chill. The cold and wet weather makes me pretty cheerless.

Plus I saw some articles shared by friends in "Chinese facebook".

This beautiful song "You belong to me" edited and republished by Jason Wade, a guy with the voice which could kill any girl.

Although I can fully dive myself into his voice and understand what he is murmuring by knowing what is in my heart, I am cheerless. Just like I am outraged, disappointed and feeling helpless most of the time even without such a weather.

If I stayed, can I ever get anybody with this wild mind and limited time spending on making myself pretty? Of course I can easily have somebody when most of the people are lonely enough, but will I be considered seriously as candidate Ms. gf who could be taken out as a showoff? I will for sure lose the battlefield of being shinny and spicy with smoky shadow over the rim of my eyes, a fake but mature smile in the corner of my mouth and precious experience of buying expensive handbags which deserves to be shared. The best scene will probably be that me in the dust corner with a gleaming smile and too "radical" thoughts nobody dare to share. The worst scene, hmm, most probably that after some years I will be replaced by a younger prettier cutter and better body figure girl who knows how to play wii.

Yes I exaggerated it. But I definitely don't want to try it. What I have now, it's a realized dream (it still needs time to say though :).

How can the people possibly well follow the materialized style of life while they don't have any faith and ethics anymore in the blood?

If a society would easily disappoint a moral woman only because she has smaller eyes and wider mouth, where would be the future of this society?

There is no place that we could go back, neither move forward, as long as people are blinded.

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  1. agreed !!

    Nice thoughts .. looks like ur skills with chines elanguage are coming in here :)

    great babes !!