Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally a sunny day :P

Amando and his buddies from heater company fixed our broken heater, actually replaced the old one with a brand-new one. Now this new machine makes this noxious steel burning smell, it makes me faint, but I am happy.

Because I like Amando and his buddies who speak Spanish among themselves but very nice to me :)

They are Mexican-Americans, I like Mexicans. Last time the Comcast guy was also a Mexican, we talked about Raj and his Japanese ex-girlfriend, he likes traveling too. He has whole set of internet + tv + fix phone service at home for his Mexican girlfriend who watches a lot of soap opera. They also travel a lot, wishing to travel to Asia, of course I said I am dreaming of traveling to Mexico someday :)

I like Oakland, in the bus stop or in front of some store or some street corner, there are always a 'hi' or a waving hand or a smile, I do the same back with pleasure.

This is the charm of this place, no matter where you come from, what do you do, you have a new identity in this new land, thus more and more people will be attracted to come because of the open arms.

It's totally different from what happened in Swiss who banned building of minarets on mosques, no?

According to me, it's the local's problem. There was no such a beginning that they embraced any people with weird shapes, so there was no beginning of the participation to the local activity from the side of the weird shape people, so there was a beginning of dissatisfaction and fraction for example they don't communicate with a same language but using out original abilities such as discriminating or having babies, so there was a beginning of banning and kicking out from the powerful side, so that eventually it would look like there is no trail of the weird shape people who once lived there. Bravo! Dreams realized! However it won't be so easy, you need a little bit nuclear to realize the dream.

I am happy also because I am encouraged by my professor, my professor !! :)

Ya I am at the beginning of something, something I dreamed my whole life of starting, something I practiced all along to kick off, something left from those ridiculous dropping decisions, something almost being nipped off while it was a bud, something became even stronger thanks to the abuse, something good ;P

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  1. Good one Chindian :P

    Hope it all goes well .. awesome !!