Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A thought

As I looking out from the car window, I saw all these different men either roaming around or busy making a life, hanging out or walking pass by. Suddenly a sense of realization, forgiving or rather say, came into my mind. It's not their individual choice to be the majority sex who are out there. The ones who carries disrespect, discrimination or hatred towards women, even the ones with violent thoughts, could still be kind and polite to the people they care, could still have a good heart.

For them, the door to the awareness and consciousness about the existence and suffering of the opposite sex is not open. It is just because of the way how they reincarnate the "I", a sense of self. And this mainly happens at the beginning of each person's earliest years, if there is not sufficient enlightenment through education. Every child takes in her surroundings to form the sense of self, what she sees will become who she is, not consciously done and resilient. According to varied history and tradition, each community has its own doors which are shut and keep shut, it could be the realization of individual freedom and prowess, it could be the consciousness of equality for other races. Everybody is living in their own world, without the door open to awareness, they are sleep walking. Only the ones who are violated or coming from a different world, will clash with the current.

Do I really forgive and forget then? I guess the answer is yes but until the next violation or major conflict. So I won't stop making my voice heard, because this is the only way to push open the door of awareness.

Dec. 2nd 2015
In India

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