Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I was not aware that I would be confused for so long. As of this very moment, life seems lost its taste to me.

Where am I? What am I doing? What do I want?

I am that kind of a girl who gets whatever she wants, a good family, capable daddy, top universities, traveling around the world, a line of people to love and spoil me.

All these years passed, now I am going to be 29, I find myself asking this question more urgently and desperately: what's the meaning of my life, my existence?

I still couldn't give an answer.

I try to find out what is faith and belief, I read Gita, I read what is the selfless duty. All this abstract ideas are understandable also appealing to me, but my life is right now in a warm and colorful bubble, Berkeley is an unimaginable dream place.

I fear I might have lost my ground.

People seek courage from my stories: never hesitate to fall in love, fight against family and society for their prejudice, ditch the major after 6 years of study and keep chasing for dreams.

But when the time I start to feel everything is coming as I ever wished for, I feel lost again, even more lost than before.

In my eyes, most people are asleep, some trapped in the basic human needs, some a level or two upper, same struggle, different kind. But then, what is my position to judge? I still feel ashamed to look back the time when I was utterly brain-washed by communism propaganda. Now which level I've woken up to and trapped in at the same time?

Raj spotted me right across the hall, this pretty little girl with an angel smile. He has never let me gone out of his sight ever since. He always knows what he wants, and determined to get it. He has big dreams, to change the society, change the world.

Does it make my life's purpose then?

I've always been the crazy one, the madness, the misfit, the unbelievable. I do not wish to set up examples, but I wish to express myself by exploring new things. I wish to find myself.

Ironically, that's when I see her lost, from time to time.

I thought happiness is elimination of sadness. Now I know confusion, emptiness and uncertainty can co-exist with the maximum amount of fulfillment one can imagine.

I am not crying anymore, but I couldn't forget. I touched my own face, the glamorous red lips. "I am your stranger, jump!"

I should thank Raj who is always there for me, who gives me freedom and takes adventure together with me. But I know it's also my own soul, the soul of a rootless gypsy, unrestrained like horse, free like bird.

If we are just souls who dwell in the bodies, when the body moves, it's our souls which meet and share a moment, a moment could be traced back to previous lives.

As in Buddhism teaching, "500 times of glancing back in the past lives, only to trade an acquainted smile in the present life", I cherish each every person I meet.

Even when I am aimlessly wondering the street, repeatedly asking the unanswerable question "what's the meaning of life", as long as you need me, I will be there, to hold your hands, to tell you, everything will be ok.

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