Thursday, October 17, 2013


Men can have it with no affection, women can not,
and she is even different from most of them,
living in her own imaginary world.

She's been crying.
There was no beginning, no end,
all of a sudden, it was lost, lost in darkness, lost in silence. 
She couldn't help crying.

World is a mad place,
some shut their doors,
some match on with pride.

It's not her then, if she didn't feel for it.

She could fall for it,
his eyes,
and how he sees the madness of being.

She's been crying.
There was no reason, no explanation,
why gods even made it happen?

What's the meaning of life then,
if we start to question the gods above?
She's lost.

But she will carry on,
with faith.

Love is a battlefield.

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