Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer time in Berkeley

Summer in Berkeley is really nice, sunny but not that hot, a walk in the sun is always the best time of a day.

Raj is staying at home recently, preparing his interview for PhD candidate, I am taking summer courses in department of Art History, 3 mornings a week. The sunny afternoons, we usually go to a cafe, sit in the sun, have two cups of Chai Latte, what a way to spend our time.

We will go check up the pianos after his interview in August, one second hand piano will cost us around 500 to 600 dollars. He suddenly told me the other night: do you remember that I have promised you a year ago, before we getting a bed, I will get you a piano (right now we are sleeping on a mattress).

Yes people say no matter how much you are in love, everything will fade away after a few years living together. Somehow it still hasn't happened to us.

Raj is like a black sweet candy, always so sweet. At least two times a day, I am staring at him, also imagining my future kids, have the same cute cheeks, same cute noses, same sweet smiles, crying out loud for a kiss from me :)

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  1. hehe .. dunno what to say. I love you sweet honey bb .. kissssesssss :)