Friday, March 12, 2010

These days...


Long time....last post was few weeks ago I guess~

Keep being busy, but really happy :P

I am feeling sooooo lucky...finally I am doing something I really have passion on :)

A lot of things happened in the past few weeks.

First, I have to show the picture of the Indian kid we sponsor:

A serious kid, no? Raj registered in this program to help Indian kids not dropping out from school, every month 15 dollars, only, will be enough to make sure that he/she could continue school instead of going to the labor market.

My Indian/ American/ French/ German/ Chinese... friends, if you saw this, please do the same thing for the kids in need wherever they are!!! Just a good eating out for you, right?

Then, I have to show the mess in our kitchen, just to give Raj some pressure and idea of how much work a woman has to do to maintain a clean apartment !!

Actually Raj already got some idea while I was not in Berkeley (2 weeks Chinese new year back at home), and that was why Raj started to help me wash the dishes after I returned, especially when I am moody :D I don't care, guys just need some training and lesson, even they would keep saying: God I miss the good times of being a bachelor......You have to train them with no mercy!!

Ohh, and the peaceful Berkeley protest...very peaceful actually...We haven't participated the whole trip, walked up to Parker street with them and came back with work. But got some pictures:

find out where Raj is -->
a very daring guy in Berkeley --> hope he won't be beaten up by our Geographer friends one day...
"Go away? No way !" ya that is our most famous quote for daily/weekly fights...
And that is me !! :)
see the kid !!!
and the kids !!!

Raj is being interviewed by a very cute French student reporter,
see the video in Youtube :) And she is actually an East Asian looking... Raj's type !!!

Raj and our Geographer friends !! :)

And these are the small ##s (Raj also doesn't know what it is called) I collected.. :)
I actually wished to continue with them in the protest, but both Raj and I had some work to do... and I can't explain but I got so excited each time when protests happen... poor Chinese girl never enjoyed a real protest before coming...

Ohhh, Raj and me went to my professor's place for dinner !!! It was awesome, we enjoyed a lot !!! Professor's kids are sooooooo cute and smart..... Raj and I like them a lot..... and I also want some cute mixed blood kids !!!! :) Just hope they are not turning out to be too dark.....

Next Sunday (day after tomorrow) is Holy celebration in Berkeley, we will join the crazy Indians and color each other with all the beautiful colors, my first semi-official Holy, in US... And next weekend we will go to Standford for Standford's Holy celebration, my second semi-official Holy, in US .... :P Hope one day soon will be with Chinu, Tanu, Dibyendu, Abhay and other friends in the land of India to color each other :)

Raj is right now busy at reading his precious bio fuel books and learning a lot of things which I don't understand (and I definitely don't want to) at all... looks like he is really into it... ok, maybe they are really serious... Raj, Nishank and some guys from Standford are working on the plan of a bio fuel company, to win some initial funding to kick off....very promising idea actually, wish them good luck then, although I am not capable to offer any help in this step :)

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  1. Nice Blog babes !!!
    Of course you can help and you must help :P

    I hope it goes well to .. let's see :)

    Cheers !!