Monday, June 28, 2010

arrr... at last

There are so many "draft" articles in my dashboard, both Chinese and English, all half written or with a start.

Was trying to write all the time, however once it stopped somewhere, I couldn't find it back anymore.

Same to the flow of thoughts: always having loads of thoughts and always reminding myself to write them down while still in my mind; cause once the time passes, they would just all slip away.

So maybe I should get over writing long articles... now I see why Twitter becomes so popular.

No matter what will come and stop me today, I will definitely publish this article, even without anything special.

I think I just have too much to say (write) most of the time. I am flowing with the time, my mind is changing each second by knowing more facts, reading more articles, talking to more people and leading my own way of life (unpredictable).

Just like a baby exploring the surroundings by smelling and tasting every item, I wish I also grow like a baby, an old baby :)

Ok, publish now, click !!

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