Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ten Years

I still remember 14 years ago when we first came to the marvelous campus of Xiamen University, everybody was the top of the top from their high school/city, but as humble and adorable as an innocent teenager could be.

We share, we love, we light up the sky with our youth. We respect each other, learn from one another.

There were so many nights we played guitar and counted the stars on the blissful Amoy beach. So many times we cried over other shoulders.

Together, we grew up and grew strong.

I flew away from China that August after graduation and never went back. It looked like all these years I have walked my own path.

But deep down, I carried them with me, wherever I went.

They were me. I am them.

Thanks to them, I have not yet given up my dreams. Thanks to them, I have learned the most important thing in life: accept yourself and be happy.

It's unfortunate that I have to miss the tenth-year reunion. And I am already looking forward to meeting them, meeting my youth again at the next reunion.

See you all in ten more years.

June 2007, I was graduating from XMU Finance

June 2017, ten years reunion after graduation
But I had to miss it because my babies are too young and we live too far

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