Tuesday, November 10, 2015

To Shiva - Letter from Mommy 2

My dear son,

I want to make a tradition to write a brief letter to you every year, so here it is, my second one.

Past one year has been the most beautiful year of my life, with your birth and tremendous growth from an infant to a toddler. You and I were together each every second, it's so lucky for me that I am not missing out even one single moment, first crawl first walk first tooth first word. You are kind, loving and happy, always on the move, full of curiosity, a true explorer, you bring joy to anyone who surrounds you, your smile is the best prayer.

Mama is trying out her best to provide you a positive environment which shapes you, your temperament and character. And my goal is simply that one day when you grow out of us - your mama and papa, you would thank us for the good qualities printed in you, instead of wasting years and years on fixing yourself. That is only easy to say. So please forgive mama if I still haven't learned to let go a little. I get anxious, sometimes even losing temper when you refuse to eat, I get fuzzy when you sometimes don't feel like doing anything but being held and cuddled. Forgive me for not being able to control my anger sometimes, and I will really make a change for you because I don't want you to grow up seeing this side of me and eventually become the same. Parenting is all about patience, hopefully I am getting there, thanks to you.

I hope the love I am giving to you today is enough to fill all of your heart, in fact, way much more than enough so when your heart is fully filled, the extra you received will go out to the people you encounter, and make your life beautiful. Happiness, confidence and integrity, that is all I want for you.

And at last please always remember, when you think we make you cry, or we are not preferring you, it's only because we love you dearly and deeply.

Love forever

Letter from Mommy 1

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