Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My miserable Indian visa applications (follow up 2)

Consul of Indian Embassy in SF Mr. Jha just called me... asked me if I wanted Entry Visa or Tourist visa, Entry Visa "will take time", so I "might not get it before my departure to India"....While talking he said he was holding my passport and found my pervious Indian visa was not an Entry Visa. But I just dug the scan version, it's clearly a X type.

One year back because of the PIO issue, I spoke up confronting the Ambassador of India to America Mrs. Rao at her visit in Berkeley, at that time Mr. Jha promised me to have a meeting with me but it didn't happen...

I have no idea how bureaucracy works, but if we could successfully meet Mr. Jha in the coming year and discuss about my visa issue, it might save us a lot of time on filing RITs and all sorts of internet stuff, it might...

PS: my blog entry about that meeting one year back:

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