Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My miserable Indian visa applications (follow up)

One year back when we first got to know that Chinese passport holders, along with Pakistani, Afghanistan and 4 other countries, are not eligible to apply for Indian PIO, which are granted for Indian origins and spouses of Indian citizens, we were shocked and angry. Then we tried to apply for Entry Visa, spent 300 dollars for a 5 years' Entry Visa but got a 3 months single.

After 2 times visiting the SF office, we got to know I am not even eligible to apply for Indian Entry Visa this time, even I have 2 Entry Visas in my passport. "Sorry, the embassy has no comment on this", I am only eligible for a tourist visa instead (hopefully will get it).

As Raj said, after 3, 4 years' struggle and tons of drama, we eventually broke the "glass ceiling" of our society -- my Chinese family and Raj's Indian family finally accepted us with no tears but love. However the "glass ceiling" of governments, their insecurity and bureaucracy, is it possible to be broken one day in the near future? It's absolutely not fun to hit the ceiling once every months.

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