Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chindian -- a topic which would be hot from now in the next 10??? years....

So something got me really really excited...

Sigh... the world is so small...

Angela, also a Chinese girl who is having an Indian boyfriend, turns out to be a Fu Jian rooted girl, our hometown is just few hundred kilometers away. But she is from QINGHUA U....the top one university in China, mine is only one of the 20 tops hehehe...but I love my Xiamen University a lot :P

Ohh, the more ridiculous thing is.... Angela's Indian from IIT KGP !!!! Same institute, even the same department as Raj ... just that Raj is two years junior...and Sushant (Angela's boyfriend) knows Debu Da and Suma... How come they never know each other, they guys (but not us girls) should find each other first... Right now Angela and Sushant are both studying at Northwestern Grad Student (east part of US).

Angela actually got to know me because of the article incident happened to me in year 2009...and Angela found my website somehow...see I'm such an extrovert girl...leave my paw prints here and there... :P

Recently Angela and I have discovered that there are actually loads of Chindian couples around the globe, and Chindian babies are supposed to be the most beautiful and smart babies among all the babies....hahahah....

Here are some pictures:

And this is Chindian brother and sister :D
This is too Chindian brother and sister !!!

And some more pictures of Chindian couples:

And this is Angela and Sushant :D

Ohh.... also Raj and me....hihihihihi

I am such a kid who loves candies, now this time the god gave me a candy which could last forever... It seems that I would live in "yaaaaa"s, "yeeeee"s and "ohyeahhhhh"s for the rest of my life....




  1. Very interesting blog. THere is a FB group called Chopsticks and Curry – A Chindian affair! Hope to see you there!

  2. im Sri lanka Indian, and my gf also a chinese >>